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Welcome to the UNCF scholarships, programs, internships and fellowships website. UNCF manages various scholarship programs and each program has its own eligibility criteria, open/close dates and required documentation. To apply for a UNCF scholarship, you must apply through the on-line application process. As many of the UNCF scholarships require that the scholarship recipient apply for Federal Student Aid, it is recommended that applicants complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Get in-depth information on federal student aid programs and applying for financial aid at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

Also, don't forget to regularly check the Learn More section of this homepage for latest Internships, Fellowships and Career Path programs.  You can apply for as many scholarships for which you are eligible.  Click the FAQ link in the footer for further information.

Feel free to contact us at (202) 810-0258 for more information on UNCF Scholarships and Program opportunities.

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Meet Our Students
Courtney M. Johnson
2013 UNCF/Merck Graduate Fellow attends Brown University, Pathobiology-MD/PhD program
Photo of Courtney M. Johnson
Jason Riley
UNCF/Walton K-12 Social Entrepreneurship (USE) Fellow attends Howard University majoring in History
Photo of Jason Riley
Dominique Johnson
UNCF/Walton K-12 Social Entrepreneurship (USE) Fellow attends Bennett College majoring in Psychology
Photo of Dominique Johnson

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